Services are on a pay as you go basis. Unlike our counterparts in human medicine, we receive no financing from state or federal agencies; neither do we get any support from charities. The prop payment for services rendered is the only means to which we support this hospital. Fees are based on time, hospitalization services, and quantities of materials and drugs used. We do accept checks and most credit/debit cards.

We can quote a fixed fee for standard services such as office calls, vaccines and certain routine surgical procedures. But in other matters, for example orthopedic surgeries or extended hospital stays, it is impossible to predict how much time and attention will be required. For this reason we cannot provide a fixed fee but will be happy to furnish you in advance with an estimate for what charges should be if no complications or unforeseen circumstances occur.

We have no desire to extend anyone be on their means or intentions. Please do not hesitate to question before hand the expected costs for the care of your pet.